United Spearkan Legion

the United Spearkan Legion (or USL for short) is a decently low-population outfit with the more restricted players in mind, those that are incapable of high-end machines or wads of money to spend of Station Cash or those that cannot dedicate large amounts of time on PS2, but are still willing to play well

As such, though the USL doesn’t have a long history, it doesn’t have an experienced army, but some structure is beter than none, for the USL is the one of the only VS Outfits on Ceres so we are willing to paint Auraxis purple through our acts

Rules of the USL

these rules of the United Spearkan legion MUST be obeyed and any form of disobedience, unless with perfectly valid reason will result in a boot from the legion

1.listen and follow orders from the squad leader, if he tells you to pull out, you pull out, if he assaults a certain area and requests support, do it!

2.be nice, the USL is following the VS doctrine of helping humanity for the better and it won’t help if you insult other players, grief or offend the USL in any way

3.unless you know very well what you are doing, do not go alone, the USL do not take kindl towards those that do not know their limits

4.NEVER cheat, if you cheat, we cannot face responsibility for your actions, doing such will result in an immediate kick

5.if you are lagging or in any way getting a drop in FPS, type #L in the chat, if abused, will be a violation of rule 2

in the words of the USL, have fun, fight well, for all!

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